Disney World 2017

Disney World 2017


Okay, we went last February but I really wanted to write about it. I am a huge stickler for going to Disney and Universal during times that the parks aren’t busy (HA, I know you’re laughing at me right now). Since I have no children, I had a little more leeway on when I could make the trip down. I am about to share with you all of the fun and exciting things that we did, enjoy your ride 🙂 ( I will also link my YouTube video below where you can see us in action!)

So, before we get started in Disney, let me give you a little background. Michael’s parents have a house down near Magic Kingdom (I KNOW, RIGHT?!). They are both retired and have season passes. They both volunteer at the races or charities down there since they get free passes for other people as a sort of payment. This is how Michael and I have been able to afford to do Disney so often; free tickets and free place to stay? SIGN ME UP!



When we were trying to figure out when we wanted to go to Disney, I checked out a crowd calendar (I think I just googled it) to see which month looked less crowded and then narrowed down to which weeks looked less crowded. I don’t like to go to the parks on a weekend because it still stays busy so we ended up choosing the first week of February to go. The weather was comfortable in shorts and a t-shirt and the crowds were slim to none. Oh and a tip for all of the parks; STAY LEFT. ALWAYS STAY LEFT. 

Since we had free tickets from Michael’s parents, we were unable to add hoppers to them so we had to pick 2 parks in Disney to do: we chose Epcot and Hollywood studios as everyone with us was adults and it just made sense.

  • Epcot: Unbeknownst to us, we ended up being in Epcot during the International  Festival of the Arts which was quite amazing. They had all sorts of vendors and you could even take your picture with famous works of art! (the Scream and Mona Lisa were my favorite). Of course being of age, I do love to drink around the world. I’m also a huge nerd and love to find weird things to do. Here are my favorites:
    • France-:FROZEN MARTINIS! They are at one of those carts around France near the water but don’t open until 11. Drink it slow, it will give you a brain freeze!
    • Italy-:Bellini! I had a cranberry one which is basically just Prosecco with cranberries in a fancy glass. I’ll post a picture below so you can take a look.
      • ALSO, if you are in Italy and need to sober up a bit( or just hungry, lol), head to Via Napoli. It’s the lesser of the two pizza places when it comes to cost and the pizza is extremely filling and the staff is lovely.
    • Japan: If you are familiar with real life Japan, you know that they are the ones who invented NINTENDO and they have an amazing store with everything you can imagine. If you are a huge video game nerd like I am, I highly recommend this!
  • Rides 
    • Soarin: This will forever be one of my favorite rides. They recently updated this so now it’s the whole world instead of California. I will never get to see that type of view of the Eiffel Tower again.
    • The Seas with Nemo and Friends: This one is adorable. Not only is it a boat ride and you get to see Nemo and friends, it then leads out into a huge aquarium that’s good for all ages



Bellini from Italy


  • Hollywood Studios: 
    • Rides-here are my recommendations for rides for this park:
      • Toy Story Mania: GET A FAST PASS FOR THIS. We didn’t have to stand in line very long the first time we went on but we loved it so much we got a fast pass for the 2nd time. This ride is basically carnival games made into a ride. It’s amazing and if I could ride it every single day I would!
      • Tower of Terror: This one is a classic and one of my favorites.
      • Star Tours: Even though I get motion sick, this ride is still part of my childhood and I ride it – every single time I am there just to reminisce.
    • Eat:
      • Sci-Fi Dine-In Theater Restaurant: this might be on the slightly pricier side but Michael and I absolutely love to eat here. We actually never wait very long to eat either. The cars and awesome to sit in and the old sci-fi  movies are fantastic to watch while eating a meal. I will always splurge to eat here for the atmosphere of this place.
    • Shows:
      • Indian Jones: This is a classic. I have been trying for 31 years to try and get on stage but I have not given up hope!
      • March of the First Order: If you like Star Wars (or even if you don’t), once you hear the start of the March music, they have everyone’s attention. This is great for Star Wars fans or just people who need a little break from the park.


Standing out front of The Tower of Terror



Well, that’s all I have for you guys for Disney! I hope you enjoyed my recommendations and feel free to share your own! See below for my Disney Video I made 🙂 See you in the next blog!


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