Why I choose to blog

Why I choose to blog

Well, if that title doesn’t describe me at all all, I’m not sure what does! I know, I know. I technically already have a first blog post. What I realized is while I know why I started this blog, YOU don’t know why I started this. I figured this could be a way for you guys to get to know me more! So, first things first…

Who am I?

Well that’s easy! Go check my About Me section silly!

Why am I blogging?

Funny you should ask! I actually started this is a 2nd platform to my YouTube channel (Shameless Plug to my Youtube Channel ) of travel. As I realized I don’t travel nearly enough to create a sole “travel blog”, I decided i had a lot of other interests, hence, my travel and lifestyle blog. This way, I can talk about my travels as I go and not feel bad that I am not updating enough. Plus, I am a pretty cool chick 😉

What will I blog about?

Everything! Kidding…kind of. Like I said earlier, I love to travel. I have a few big trips planned coming up pretty soon but I also have a few trips I have already taken that  I will share (i.e. see last blog post HERE ). Also, in those times I’m not traveling, I can’t leave you hanging! I’ve got movies I want to see, books I read, taboo topics, organizations I am proud to be a part of, etc. It will be a very eclectic group of blog posts you will see from me, don’t you worry.

Who will show up in my blogs?

Ah yes, the cast list. This will be very short for the time being as I seem to travel and hang out with the same people. For the most part, my boyfriend Michael and his parents show up in my vlogs so they will definitely be part of this blog. I have a Portland, OR trip planned and my friends Lauren and Erin will make an appearance. As for the other parts, it should be mostly family. No worries, I’ll give you more of a detailed cast list when the time comes.

What are my other hobbies/passions?

So, I was an art history major in college because I loved art so much that I needed to know why it was done (true story.) I try to visit an art museum in every city I go to. I love photography. My mom took pictures of my sister and I so much as a kid (we hated it) that I now am the person who takes all the pictures that people hate. How else will we remember EVERYTHING?! Let’s see…I am also a huge, huge dork. I love old school video games (Link to the Past is the best Zelda), all of Harry Potter (team Hufflepuff here!) and reading John Green or Jodi Picoult books. I am huge into the community and will probably at least once share why I love certain organizations so much and why I choose to work with them.

So, that’s a snapshot of me guys! I hope you enjoyed learning a little bit more about me and are excited as I am to continue this journey together. See ya in the next blog 🙂

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4 Replies to “Why I choose to blog”

  1. Aw this is such a cute post! I could totally read your personality through the way you write! Kind of like me! Sometimes text can be boring but people compliment me based on how I add emotion through my writings and it’s so wonderful to find another soul like me! Really looking forward to your posts in the future 💖

  2. Loved this!! What a fun little glance into your life. I’m a huge Harry Potter nerd too so we have that in common!! Can’t wait to read more

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